Film: Overseas

Film by Sung-A Yoon, 12 November, 17.00, at Dazw/schen, Mühlemattstrasse 50, 3007 Bern. The film is in English/Filipino, subtitles are in English.
Free price
The room is wheelchair accessible.
Content Note: The film adresses sexualised, physical and psychological violence.
Contact:,, instagram: @mdk.bern

In the Philippines, women get deployed abroad to work as domestic workers or nannies. In order to do so, they frequently leave their own children behind before throwing themselves into the unknown. In one of the many local filipino training centers dedicated to domestic work, a group of trainees are getting ready to face both homesickness and the possible abuses lying ahead. During role playing exercises, they alternatively play both the roles of the employee and that of the employers. Bordering on fiction, OVERSEAS brings to light the question of modern servitude in our globalized world, while emphasizing these women’s determination, their sisterhood, and the strategies they find to face the ordeals that awaits them in the near future.